Episode 1 of The Hard Card at Authentic Collectables - Ryan Story

The Hard Card at Authentic Collectables, hosted by Speedcafe's Editorial Director Andrew van Leeuwen, is a podcast that interviews influential people from around the world of motorsport.

This is Episode 1, and Shell V-Power Racing Team's Ryan Story is the first guest.

‘The Doc’ opens up on why he’s back in Supercars, the Kostecki saga, Gen3 parity, Ludo’s exit and a whole lot more.

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Don't forget to watch until the end for the Top Ten Shootout, a series of questions largely based around collecting with a few curly ones thrown in for some extra fun.

Ryan has been a massive part of helping us build Authentic Collectables, he was one of the very first people / teams to partner with us when we started this brand. So we thank him for joining us and we hope fans and collectors enjoy this episode with AVL.